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FLAT PACK, MULTI PURPOSE MODULAR BUILDINGS.       Immediate, Low cost accommodation, ANYWHERE. Personalised...Baühu Cubes come in a range of standard wall colours and finishes which can be personalised with our range of micro perforated 'Skins' to suit individual tastes or corporate requirements. Choose a 'Skin' from our graphics library or send us the images or logo that you want to display on your Baühu Cube.

Contact us for custom graphics design and we will create a personalised 'Skin' for you. Custom designs and internal layouts can be accommodated if required.

Demountable, flat pack building. 2 x Modular Baühu Cubes 3m x 7m, providing total accommodation of around  42m2.

Baühu Cubes provide instant, stylish, cost effective and practical  accommodation anywhere. Baühu Cubes are flat packed and easy to assemble on any flat surface offering immediate solutions to a wide range of domestic and commercial space requirements.

Baühu Cubes are designed to provide optimal comfort. The walls, floor and ceiling are made of insulated sandwich panels providing a controlled internal environment.

Baühu Cubes are modular to offer maximum flexibility. Modules can be used as stand alone buildings or they can be joined together in length or width, or even stacked on top of each other.


Baühu Cubes are light weight demountable structures, they can be assembled on any flat area, they don’t need foundations or a concrete floor slab, and they can be moved easily.
Baühu Cubes are supplied in 'Flat Pack' format with the wall panels and internal fittings packed between the cube floor and ceiling sections making them easy to transport. Cubes can be assembled on site in about one hour.  They are reusable, recyclable and made in Europe.

Classified as  a demountable building Bauhu Cubes do not require any form of planning permission in most locations.

Bauhu Cubes can be shipped anywhere in the world.


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