Armoured prefabricated modular buidings
Armoured Modular Buildings
  • Bauhu modular, portable, anti ballistic, armoured bullet proof buildings
  • Bauhu modular, portable, armoured bullet proof buildings
  • Bauhu modular, portable, armoured bullet proof buildings and safe rooms
  • Bauhu modular, portable, armoured bullet proof buildings
  • Bauhu modular, portable, armoured bullet proof ballistic buildings

Bauhu modular armoured buildings are designed and built to order based on individual client requirements. Armoured buildings can be configured for multimodal transportation using standardised ISO container fixings. All buildings are 100% factory finished prior to delivery. Each building is self supporting and does not require any kind of foundation. Being modular, numerous configurations of complex structures can be made by joining modules together side by side or end to end, or by stacking them to create two or even three story buildings. Bauhu armoured buildings can be used for a multitude of different applications both domestic, military and commercial. Hundreds of designs and interior layouts are possible and buildings can easily be moved or relocated to new locations.

What you get
From simple site cabins to large modular volumetric buildings Bauhu armoured buildings are designed to provide optimal comfort. The walls, floor and ceiling are made of specially designed layers based on a robust galvanised steel frame providing a controlled internal environment with optimum insulation values. Internal partition walls and internal doors are also fully insulated. Slim profile windows and sliding doors use special double glazed solar control glass to maintain comfort levels whilst providing maximum security, transparency and light penetration.

Structures are fully self supporting with a steel frame insulated floor structure so you don't need any foundations or floor slabs.

Bauhu armoured buildings and safe rooms are manufactured and supplied as a complete package which includes the building, all of the internal and external finishes, doors and window units, plumbing installation and the electrical system and lighting.

Armoured buildings can be provided as standard to reach BR7 ballistic protection. Many anti ballistic options and specialist requirements can be accommodated during the design phase.


Good to know
Rapid deployment, armoured modular buildings are cost effective to transport and store. Bauhu anti ballistic buildings are 100% prefabricated in the factory providing ready to use buildings which are fully insulated with pre installed electrical and sanitary installations. Bauhu 'instant' buildings are ideal security posts, military use, temporary accommodation, disaster relief housing, site buildings, school or hospital buildings where security is an issue.